About Us

TFIB (Tendring Friends in Business) set up as a non-profit making break away group from the standard business networking formula in 2002. With the ethos, support each other. The social aspect of the group has always been an important element since it first started, making it unique amongst the networking groups.We meet every two weeks on a Wednesday morning at 7am until 8.30 approx. Some members do arrive earlier and depart later if there is some business they wish to discuss with another business member. Our Venue for this is always at Garden Cafe, Craft Nurseries, 34 Harwich Road, Lawford, Essex, CO11 2LS.

We have coffee and tea and network until we settle down for breakfast at 7.15. The Chairman then takes the meeting starting with each member and then substitutes and guests talking for 1 minute about their business or what they are looking for at the moment. We then have a 10 minute break to ‘get to know your neighbour’.

The idea of talking to your neighbour was started by chance by the original Chair, Shirley Morgan who wanted a break in proceedings and suggested we talk to our neighbour for 10 minutes. This was thought to be a great idea for ‘breaking the ice’ and has formed a part of our meeting ever since.

We then complete another circuit of the table to pass on opportunity slips to each other for potential work that we can follow up. Each year we generate over 500 pieces of business.

Remember the main aim of Tendring Friends in Business is to listen when you are visiting friends, family, conducting your own work, if you hear someone say for example,” im looking for an electrician” thats when you can pass the business card of the electrican on our club and recommend him. Hopefully business will follow.

To find out who the members are, membership, our social events and to contact us please continue to look further into our Web site.